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CoVER: Components and Features

With COVID-19 claiming many lives globally, it is imperative for all the cities to deploy solutions that can help them make critical decisions proactively. Information like below, if delivered at the right time to the right department can play a vital role in the government’s quest to flatten the curve:

  • How much stock of critical medical assets is available, where, and predictions of how long it would last.
  • Which hospitals have the capacity to direct infected patients appropriately.
  • Where all to allocate new ventilators and PPEs.
  • Predictions of future scenarios, so that they can plan and take actions proactively and be prepared for the same.

Quantela’s platform CoVER ( Coronavirus Emergency Response), helps the administrators will all the above information that is required for them to react assertively and promptly. The solution offers a set of digital tools specifically designed to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

Key Components

  1. Command and Control Center: The dashboard that is part of the command and control center aids in the responsiveness to the disease outbreaks in different parts of the city. It helps in macro as well as micro situation monitoring, emergency planning and responding to the incidents.
  2. Field Officer App: It is a mobile application for health workers and field officials to support the last-mile activities. The app allows officers to receive notifications, provide remote feedback, access data and analytics from the platform, and execute standard operating procedures.  
  3. Citizen Mobile App: The app is for citizens to perform self-assessment, self-report, and self-monitor if home quarantined. Moreover, the citizens can receive information about government notifications, red zone alerts, health advice, medical assistance, etc. that help them stay informed.

Since collaboration across multiple stakeholders, devices, departments, and teams is the key, CoVER has been integrated with Cisco Webex which provides a seamless experience as part of the solution. It also helps all the stakeholders to connect with the concerned departments about any emergency in no time.

CoVER gets deployed quickly (in 3 days!), operates flexibly, and serves as a powerful resource in these testing times.

With the incredible expansion of AI, CoVER provides the predictions, automation, scalability, and optimization required for these critical times and also for the future.

Note: We will be writing about the features of each of the above-mentioned components in detail in the upcoming blogs.

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