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Navigating the CoVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath will be the biggest business challenges of our times. Resuming the operations post lockdown will pose many challenges and risks for the enterprises in terms of managing the employees, facilities, operations, and management. To keep operations going while minimizing the risk to the employees, enterprises will need new ways of working to ensure the health and safety of their people while restoring productivity as well.

CoVER for enterprise and factories is an end to end solution to monitor, plan, and build resiliency in enterprises post lockdown which will require them to be extremely well prepared in order to make a seamless transition. This undeniably depends on smart technology/solutions and cant be done effectively without them.

CoVER powered by digital technology, helps the organizations to manage the impact of COVID-19 and build resilience for the future.

Focus areas

  1. Managing regulatory compliance when it comes to health and safety of the workplace and people
  2. Enterprise crisis management in terms of monitoring the people and assets
  3. Managing employees

Challenges to overcome


  • Maintaining employee data – health and attendance
  • Managing facilities like transport, lodging, and boarding


Having a robust facility response plan with quarantine zones and Cleaning and disinfecting protocol


  • Managing shifts and shop floor
  • Handling supplies and deliveries


  • Dynamic monitoring at both the CxO level and plant/facility level
  • Managing communication across levels


Mobile app for the admin: The mobile app is for onsite health officers, gate security teams, incident respondent teams and helps them in COVID-19 case tracking, and making real-time announcements amongst many other features

Command and Control Center: It is the key component that helps visualize the COVID-19 spread at the macro-level and if required drill down further to understand the micro-level situation Real-time dashboards with control and bi-directional communication

Mobile App for the Employees: The app provides medical guidelines, Best practices, an option to file employee grievances, alerts and notifications from the company, an option to daily assess their case etc

How can industries transition to the new normal?

Customized regulatory compliance

  • The dynamic and agile response mechanism
  • Compliance with post-lockdown regulatory requirements
  • Execute, monitor and report all standard operating procedures

Technology considerations

  • Employee COVID-19 app
  • Edge infrastructure set-up – add cameras, beacons, radio frequency identification (RFID), etc.
  • Central Dashboards

Health and safety measures

  • Accommodation or travel logistics
  • Industry equipment planning
  • Medical units on-premise
  • Resource safety measures (food, premise)

Companies and industries around the world are grappling with a massive impact on business due to COVID 19. During such critical times, adopting CoVER solution and technological advancements to the business becomes necessary for enterprises to ensure smooth operations and better business results post lockdown.

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