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Digitization and Changing Dynamics of Public Health

The pandemic has opened the door to latest technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data analytics etc. for developing solutions related to advanced public health, says Sridhar Gadhi, Founder & Executive Chairman, Quantela.

“Integrating different departments was an important aspect in helping cities fight Covid-19” – Sridhar Gadhi speaking at the elets Digital Health Conclave

Before the pandemic, Quantela had a smart city urban infrastructure decision making platform which was deployed to help cities all over the world to get real-time actionable data insights across city service domains like parking, lighting, traffic, safety, security and waste management. Public health was never focused as a use-case in cities till the time COVID-19 struck us.

In March 2020, we repurposed our Quantela platform to lauch CoVER (Coronavirus Emergency Response) platform to help cities monitor, track and devise mitigation strategies in their fight against COVID-19.

Bringing about Multi-Agency Collaboration

To fight the pandemic, it was imperative for cities to integrate different departments and work in a coordinated manner;- be it the police department setting up containment zones or public health department conducting swab testing; monitoring of quarantine centres or even hospitals who were struggling to cater to the surge of patients, putting its infrastructure under stress. The first thing is integration of different departments onto a single platform so that real-time data flow happens between all the departments of a city and city officials can get a holistic view of the entire situation to take insights driven decisions.

The Value of Predictive Analysis

It also becomes easy to predict where the next Covid hotspot would be and also to predict the capacity requirements of the healthcare system. Through our platform, we helped hospitals to predict the number of beds as well as other critical infrastructure such as ventilators, PPE kits and medical supplies. Basis the spread patterns, we also helped monitor and deploy emergency response vehicles in close proximity to areas which were witnessing a surge in cases.

App-ification of City – Citizen engagement

CoVER’s other components include a Field officer app to help health workers to collaborate and report on patients as well as a Citizen mobile app to enable citizens to perform self-assessments and report, receive information about the current situation in their area, including official government updates, “red zone” alerts, health advice, and locating their nearest COVID testing and treatment facilities.

This is part of an article published online on Elets eHealth Magazine. Source Link

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