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Fighting COVID-19 with technology and innovation

The world has crossed 6M positive cases of COVID-19 and there is still no respite for us from the pandemic. Almost all industries have been adversely affected by the same. The IT industry is dealing effectively with the current crisis with various ideas and innovations that are helping the world fight the outbreak. 

Many IT companies have come up with remarkable innovations and collaborations to introduce various platforms/tools/solutions against COVID-19. Let us have a look at a few of them.

From a cutting-edge AI platform to help the local governments track hospitals, PPE Kits, ambulances, providing predictions, recommendations to various mobile apps for the citizens as well as for the health workers have been proved to be really helpful.

There are many notable innovations that are happening from the manufacturing side as well like automatic mask machines that produce N-95 masks in bulk, a feet-operated handwash machine, phone booth testing where patients can be tested for coronavirus,  robots to dispense hand sanitizers and deliver public health messages about the virus etc.

There are many mobile apps for the citizens that are supporting the government’s public information campaign on coronavirus by disseminating government notifications, alerts, messages to the concerned people.

There are hackathons and programs being launched at various levels to empower the students to conduct research to develop potential solutions to contain the spread of COVID-19.

In some cases, in the spirit of collaboration, many agencies, tech organizations, government departments have come together and joined their efforts to develop integrated command and control center/ war rooms like the one being deployed in the city of Bengaluru, India. These war rooms help city officials monitor, manage, diagnose, communicate, collaborate, and prevent the impact of coronavirus. The platform deployed in the war room has helped the city in identifying gaps and forecast a sudden increase in the number of positive cases in a particular area and therefore, flattening the curve in the city.

Many cities like Bengaluru have adopted and deployed such platforms that are helping to contain the spread of COVID-19. But there are still many cities who are struggling for the same. These cities should definitely deploy these innovative solutions to save their citizens from the deadly virus!

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