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How AI can help cities in taming pandemics like COVID-19

AI and data analytics are really helping the cities and the healthcare industry in their quest to tame COVID-19. These tools have helped in almost every possible way: from tracking hospital capacity to identifying high-risk patients. And these technologies are definitely crucial to prepare for similar situations in the future.

Coronavirus has accentuated the promise of advanced analytics tools that can enable the government to employ the vast amounts of data within their systems toward mitigating the pandemic. The quality and timely data have always been a priority in any such situation, but another aspect of data that has become very crucial is data accuracy. Having the right correct data at the right time is the key to help cities against this pandemic.

AI and machine learning can use the data to make objective and informed recommendations and predictions which can help governments to ensure that scarce resources are allocated as efficiently as possible wherever required. This will certainly save lives and can help reduce the burden on healthcare systems.

As the pandemic spreads, governments and medical researchers around the world are trying to make sense of the available data – facing the need to try to complete reliable analysis in a limited timeframe: that can be useful to others. CoVER: CoVID-19 emergency response platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to power its predictive analytics engine to crunch the data from the outbreak, analyzing and visualizing it to identify and highlight important patterns and trends to predict the next breakout areas so that appropriate prevention strategies can be actioned.

The platform is an end-to-end solution with components like command and control center, field officer app and citizen app to help provide a holistic solution to the cities. The platform can be tailored to the needs of each locality and deployed within as few as three days. It allows the authorities to aggregate data from multiple sources, combine, analyze, and visualize it in a manner that helps them understand the overall situation and take appropriate decisions. Data is key toward effectively tracking and managing a government’s pandemic response.

The platform also provides a seamless data exchange or interaction between any two segments or domains or applications which helps in informed decision-making and improve data analysis.

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