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How citizen mobile apps can help cities fight COVID-19

During a challenging time such as this, it is imperative for the governments just not to deliver medical care but also to provide the correct information to all the citizens to enable the right decisions and prevent health systems from being overburdened. 

Cities are responding to this challenge by adapting processes and managing the whole ecosystem via various digital platforms, which help them in implementing the required actions in a much effective way. And towards this direction, a vital step taken by many cities is to launch a citizen mobile app, which is dedicated to this pandemic.

In a fast-moving crisis with information flowing in from every direction, the only source of authentic information for citizens is government. The citizens expect to be kept informed, safe, and healthy. They hope to gain clarity from the administration amid all the chaos. And this is where a mobile app can help the government to send the correct and authentic information to its citizens.

In fact not just providing information, the app should have advanced features like enabling the citizens to do a self-assessment directly through the app, view the complete list of government/private hospitals and approved labs/test centers, directly connect with a doctor and book an appointment. These features would eliminate the hassle of searching for the right connection in case of any emergency.

The apps can help the government and hospitals monitor active cases, recoveries, and quarantined citizens. Not just this, these apps are also helping citizens stay connected with essential services like groceries and medical supplies.  

There are apps that use the phone’s Bluetooth and GPS systems to alert users when they come near to any COVID-19 patients. 

Apart from health and emergency services, there are many informational services also available for making citizens’ life easy. Users can receive government announcements to be aware of the changes happening.

These apps certainly help the cities and all the stakeholders involved to get shifted from ad hoc solutions to well-organized planned ones.

With all the features mentioned above, mobile apps are definitely helping the governments to battle the pandemic in a much effective way!

In short, the coronavirus mobile apps bring all the necessary things required under one umbrella for the citizens to receive information from their government: about the red zone alerts, health advice, medical assistance, etc.

These mobile apps are indeed a great initiative as they help the citizens to stay safe and informed while the city is in lock-down.

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