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How CoVER platform is helping cities with COVID-19?

With 5.11M positive cases and 333K deaths worldwide, Coronavirus has been posing unprecedented challenges for the humankind worldwide.

Source: Google | Data as on 22nd May 2020

Limited Healthcare System Capacity has become a critical challenge.

The cities need data and insights like understanding where the shortage is and sending new supplies to the hospitals facing a shortage, real-timeĀ informationĀ about the hot zones, prediction, and modeling scenarios like what if the confirmed cases increase by x-factor, and how much supply is required for the same.

All this information can prove critical in curbing the spread of COVID-19. CoVER has been helping many cities across the world in identifying the gaps and forecast a sudden increase in the number of positive cases in any particular area of a city. The platform is being used to protect 142M people globally.

Let us talk about the city of Bengaluru, which has reported far fewer cases as compared to other cities in India.

The platform is deployed in Bengaluru’s COVID-19 war room and is being used to monitor around 2.500 people in quarantine. The city is using the platform to track around 109 hospitals, 614 ambulances, and 420 isolation beds in the city.

Officials attribute real-time access to data, quick decision making among other measures that helped the city to contain the spread of coronavirus even in thickly-populated areas drastically flattening the curve in the city.

There are many such examples where the platform is helping the governments to monitor, manage, track, diagnose, communicate, collaborate, and prevent the impact of coronavirus.

Apart from the command and control center, which is the brain behind the solution, the platform comes with two other very important components: Field officer mobile app and citizen app.

The Field Officer App for front-line workers such as nurses, doctors, and police officers to streamline the collection of high-quality data.

The Citizen App allows community members to access critical information and contribute localized data to the fight. The Citizen App enables users to perform health self-assessments, self-report, and self-monitor if home quarantined. CoVER leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to power its predictive analytics engine to crunch the data from the outbreak, analyzing and visualizing it to identify and highlight important patterns and trends to predict the next breakout areas so that appropriate prevention strategies can be actioned.

Using the platform, cities will be able to predict future scenarios based on current spreading patterns, understand the impact on critical medical assets, speed up the allocation of patients to hospitals with available capacity, track quarantined patients, and distribute assets where needed the most. Quantela’s platform can be tailored to the needs of each locality and deployed within as few as three days.

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