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Introducing Quantela’s new Chief Operating Officer

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” – Ronald Reagan, an American politician who became the highly influential voice of modern conservatism.

When it comes to leadership, one interesting fact is that every successful organization in history at some point in time had or still has iconic leaders in the driver’s seat. Someone who understands the in and out of the business world, how things work, and how to get things done when they should be done. Great examples are; Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Pamela Nicholson of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, etc. All notable individuals who are leading Chief Operating Officers of multi-billion dollar companies.

There’s a noticeable leadership trend going on here, don’t you think? Strong personalities who continue to be the driving force for their respective organizations. Putting the same into consideration, Quantela, a Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum and a new-age digital technology Solutions Company is looking to grow and expand in a technologically driven and ever-changing business economy. Hence, a Chief Operating Officer (COO) has never been more important to spearhead the company’s activities during this time of aggressive growth and expansion to help with driving sales and business development strategies across the globe.

The search for someone truly capable of filling the sizeable role in Quantela is over, and we’re pleased to welcome Amr Salem to our family as a Corporate COO and Board Advisor. A global leader with an excellent track record in sales, go-to-market strategy, business development, and hands-on business growth.

Amr will head the Global Sales, Marketing and Partnerships for the next phase of growth for Quantela. Amr’s extensive industry experience of over 25 years has been gained from handling key leadership roles in Smart Cities and the Internet of Things​ for the ​Public sector. Prior to joining Quantela, Amr served as the Corporate Vice President – Global Public Sector, Cisco. He has held various leadership positions in Cisco. Prior to this, Amr held the position of Director and General Manager, Gulf & Levant​ at  Hewlett Packard (Jan 2001 – Mar 2006 )​.

With a wealth of leadership experience in the bag, we believe that Amr Salem is the right man for the job. Quantela is looking forward to Amr’s extensive experience in various domains, which will help us strengthen and grow our business to meet the evolving needs of urban infrastructure. Quantela is also looking forward to leveraging the reach of his global network and improve the understanding of the ecosystem to strengthen the expansion of their global existence.

We provide a comprehensive, customizable, scalable platform that helps cities and communities to proactively predict and solve social, economic and environmental problems, and with Amr Salem at the forefront, we indeed have a leader who knows the way, will go all the way and will show us the way.

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