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Outcomes-as-a-Service (OaaS)

Creating a dynamic, yet safe environment in which citizens can prosper is top-of-mind for every community.  To accomplish their mission, communities need be able to define the outcomes they wish to achieve and have access to the technology and financing to deliver those outcomes. 

Quantela is an Outcomes-as-a-Service company that is focused on helping communities become more livable, operationally efficient, resilient, and environmentally sustainable through infrastructure digitization. 

We work with communities to define the outcomes that will help them save costs and/or generate revenue.  These funds can then to be redirected into other projects that will further benefit the community.   

Once the outcomes have been defined, we implement the necessary technologies and applications. After implementation, our Customer Success team will follow up, and make sure that the desired outcomes have been delivered.  

Our robust platform provides data integration with pre-built and custom connectors to connect various data sources; intuitive visualization across dashboards and widgets for customization and data analysis; a rich automation framework with self-service, flow-based studio to deal with events in real-time; artificial intelligence through pre-built machine learning and deep learning models; video analytics, last mile connectivity, and an open data API to foster innovation and data sharing. 

We have helped over 100 cities achieve the outcomes that they desire to date. 

Outcomes that Quantela delivers

  • Operational Efficiency and Revenue Generation:  We reduce operational costs and increase revenue through infrastructure digitization and the monetization of anonymized, aggregated city data.  
  • Public Safety:  We reduce urban crime, improve traffic law enforcement, reduce accidents and fatalities, and improve citizen safety during crises. 
  • Free Traffic Congestion: We reduce the time spent in traffic and locating available parking spaces to reduce carbon emissions; and increase revenue through improved parking management and advertising in parking garages.       
  • Access to Public Services: We help cities provide free public Wi-Fi, digital signage kiosks and citizen mobile apps for equitable growth. 
  • Cleaner Environment: We help communities become litter-free by providing efficient waste collection; and improve citizen health through air, and water monitoring. 

For communities that are having difficulty financing the projects needed to reach the desired outcomes, Quantela can provide further support through Outcomes – based Financing. 

What is Outcomes-based Financing?

Digital initiatives are driving how communities can effectively improve their environment for citizens; however, they often require funds that many communities do not readily have.  This is where Quantela’s Outcome-based Financing can help.  Our financing model helps communities finance projects through costs savings and/or revenue generation from infrastructure digitization. 

Here’s how it works

  • Funding: The Quantela-led consortium funds the capital expenditure, subject to a viable business case. 
  • Repayments: A community makes an annual repayment from Year 2 and onwards for the next nine years from savings and additional revenue with matching contribution from the community budget. 
  • Community Benefits: Quantela commits to the savings and/or revenue generations outcomes; and payments for initiatives change from conventional CAPEX to a revenue or savings sharing model. 

To learn more about how Quantela can support your community contact us at info@quantela.com 

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