Outcomes-as-a-Service forerunner, Quantela, Inc. has announced that it has acquired CIMCON Lighting, effective August 3, 2021Acquiring CIMCON gives Quantela the opportunity to access the streetlight poles infrastructure used to deploy CIMCON’s controllers. More importantly, the cost savings realized through the deployment of these controllers improves the commercial viability of the digitization business case, and therefore improves Quantela’s ability to deliver better outcomes to its customers.   

Quantela helps communities improve quality of life by providing technology enabled outcomes to its customers.  These outcomes are realized in the form of incremental revenue or cost savings.  As the most ubiquitous infrastructure asset in any community, streetlight poles have a good physical coverage across the community to deploy the technology equipment necessary for digitization. 

This acquisition provides existing and future customers the security of a larger company, with more economies of scale, larger and more diversified talent, plus even more valuable outcomes. 

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