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Generating Revenue for Cities through Smart Signage

Smart signage is a cost-effective way for cities to help businesses thrive, keep citizens informed about community happenings, and generate revenue for other projects. 

The benefits of smart signage are many, including: 

  • Paying for both itself and other city digitization technologies 
  • Creating a convenient platform for cities and citizens to communicate
  • Replacing static community billboards and other non-digital communication 
  • Controlling things remotely from a single login 
  • Adding Wi-Fi, sensors, cameras, electric car charging stations, ticket printers and more to the signage kiosks. 

And the effectiveness of smart signage for businesses are supported by recent studies.

In one study it was shown that 51% of people notice street level advertisements that gave directions to a business. Of these, 65% immediately visited the business after seeing the advertisement, and 92% made a purchase after visiting the business. In another study, 62% of advertisement viewers engaged in mobile device actions such as visiting an advertiser’s website, scanned a QR code, downloaded apps, accessed a discount offer, or made a purchase. 

Quantela can support your city with a wide variety of advertising formats from large screen LEDs and video walls to street level interactive touchscreens that let advertisers interact with users through their mobile phones.

We help your city build a revenue stream by doing the following: 

  • Monitoring your entire network, tracking all revenue and inventory, creating new targeted inventory, and getting 360-degree views of your audiences with a single login. 
  • Creating enhanced experiences powered by kiosks, large format screens and mobile phones working together. 
  • Combining mobile Wi-Fi onboarding with digital signage to create and “Anyglass” communications platform. 
  • Providing interactive “wayfinding”, directional signage, local business information and mall promotions, all designed to enhance the shopping experience and increase sales. 

Best of all, Quantela can provide your city with the opportunity to implement your entire smart signage presence with no risk to you through its rev-sharing finance.  

Through Outcomes-based Financing program, Quantela can provide the following: 

  • Up to 100% of Rev-Share Outcome-based Financing to pay for the project.  
  • Acquisition of all technology and software. 
  • Installation of all kiosks and supporting technology. 
  • Advertising partner and programmatic advertising supplied to the city, to meet the Outcomes-based Financing requirements. 
  • Recommends for best-in-class technology and partners to be a part of this project.

To learn more about how Quantela can support your city’s smart signage needs, contact us at info@quantela.com

 [Study Sources: Nielsen Media Research and Out of Home Advertising Association of America.]

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