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Quantela’s CoVER – Coronavirus emergency response platform

The coronavirus outbreak globally has been labeled a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

It is vital for all the state governments to keep a tap on the real-time analytics of the coronavirus, which will help them to take the necessary actions on time.

Quantela’s platform CoVER – Coronavirus emergency response platform is an end to end solution for monitoring, managing, tracking, diagnosing, communicating, collaborating and preventing the impact of coronavirus. The platform comes with Command and Control Center that can be used by the State and Central Government to monitor, collaborate, educate, contain and predict the COVID-19 spread.

Command and Control center is the key component that helps visualize the COVID-19 spread at the macro-level and if required drill down further to understand the micro-level situation i.e. analysis from state to the district to the county and even to the patients who has COVID-19 infection.

Moreover, the operator handling the command center will be able to perform situational analysis and ascertain what resources can be moved swiftly to contain any outbursts. For example, if an infection cluster is noticed then notifications can be sent to the health workers near the cluster to contain the spread. If necessary the contact tracing can be visualized to understand the possibility of the spread.

The Platform provides the capability to create multiple dashboards, notifications, SOPs, event management and easy integrations.

Our mobile component field officer will be used by the field level government staff to screen the individuals for COVID-19 and alert the medical officers in case of any suspect and dispatch the individuals to appropriate quarantine centers. This application would be helpful to monitor the patients until the recovery and the same data would be set to the command and control center for centralized tracking.

Our mobile component citizen will be used by the citizens to perform self-assessment, self-report and self-monitor if home quarantined. Moreover, the citizen can receive government notifications, red zone alerts, health advice, medical assistance and information about essential services. Also, with the inbuilt bluetooth, the contact tracing of the infected patient can be performed in a matter of minutes and alerts can be sent to those in contact with the patients and effectively control the infection spread.

Finally, with the AI engine that is an Intelligent Control system, the data from the outbreaks can be analyzed and the next breakout areas can be alerted to the operators so that appropriate prevention strategies can be taken.

One of the main differentiators here is that our platform can be deployed anywhere and operations can be made live in a matter of days with initial requirements so that the city can start immediately managing the COVID-19 outbreaks.

The coronavirus outbreak that has claimed many lives globally has been labeled a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

As the impact of coronavirus deepens and the human cost rises, the novel coronavirus outbreak is sending shocks throughout the world and has been labeled a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

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